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The importance of a website in today’s changing times is enormous. Gone are the days when people used to hunt for newspapers, books and directories to look for information. Now the internet has taken over all other mediums of information. In fact it is the medium which contains more information on any given topic than any other medium of knowledge. Businesses are always looking to increase their profits. Large companies have large budgets and use all kind of mediums to increase their presence. But do you know that your small business can have an edge over these big companies if you develop a good website. Website designer delhi can help you get this winning edge by developing a customized and great looking website. It is a proven fact that if your website is more appealing than your competitors you are more likely to get more website visits and as a consequence more business.

We not only makes visually appealing website but it takes full responsibility of the online promotion and search engine optimization of your website. Creating a website with good content, graphics and easy navigation holds the viewers to your website and make them revisit your website more often.

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Static or Dynamic Website?

Hi guys,

Long time i have not updated my blog. Sorry that. I have been busy with my website work and now i am making sure to update my blog. If you need any kind of website service, up gradation or if you are looking for an independent website designer in delhi with good credentials please drop me a line.

1. What Kind of Website you want?
There are basically two categories of website Static and Dynamic
A static website uses html coding. You can make a static website by using plain html or by using GUI softwares like Dreamweaver and Frontpage. In a static website the content can be changed only by editing that particular page in your editing software. A static website is good for if you do not want to change content often and just want a simple website. A static website does not means that you can’t have animation, videos or sound.
You can add animation with software like flash, videos and music to your static website with great ease and make your website look more appealing.

Dynamic Websites are database driven. These websites are linked with database and derive their content from the database. You can easily edit the content of dynamic website without changing the design. It is good to have a dynamic website if you want to update your website content regularly. Dynamic sites can reduce ongoing maintenance costs if you don’t want to change things yourself with a webpage editor or with the HTML. They cost more to develop, as they require more complex coding and a content management utility needs to be developed to help you manage your website information.

There are some pros and cons of both forms of websites. So whichever option you want to choose be sure to hire a professional in this field who can suggest you which website is suitable for you static or dynamic.


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Benefits of Website: How a website can give you more Profits

Website is one of the most important and effective and business tools to promote a business. A website can be your most crucial investment and can be one of the most integral marketing and promotion tool for your business.

A website is an essential tool for your company. Not only it is very economical it is helpful in getting good probable customers. It is easily accessible 24 hours and has global availability.

So you have a new business and want the world to know that you are a professional company who is providing specialized products or services. There is no better medium to announce your arrival by launching your own company website. With the arrival of internet it has become very imperative to have a web presence. A website is one of the most cost-effective mediums to showcase your products and services.

A website enables you to reach your potential clients 24 hours a day all days of a week, throughout the year. By having a website your reach is not just limited to a particular area or city. A website has global reach and thus provides you international exposure. A website contains all the information about your products and services and thus enables the potential customer to have an idea of your company. Online forms can be used to gather information and queries of your potential clients. Investing on a website is the wisest decision you can make to promote your company. Compared to other mediums like print, television radio a website is far more cost-effective, more informative and can be easily updated. Another great benefit of having a website is that it puts you on the same platform as any other company in your business. You can compete against companies which are several times bigger than yours by having a good informative website. A company with website looks far more professional than the ones who don’t have a website. So stay ahead of your competitors and invest in good website for your company.


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Get more business with websites

Websites are a crucial information and marketing tool for any business. In today’s digital age we can not undermine the influence of websites on our business. Now a day’s people are constantly searching for information on the internet. Internet is the magic wand which gives you the required information in matter of seconds. It is like having the whole world under one roof. If you want to find dealers of laptops in your area or doctors, hospitals, music teachers, schools in the area the world wide web has all the information.

You just need to open your internet connection and search for your keywords i.e the information you are searching for in search engines like google , yahoo etc. and you will get tons of results for your required information. A business having a website is most likely to be found on the internet thus providing and edge over the ones who do not have a website.

So don’t lag behind and get yourself a website.


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